Friday, February 10, 2012


I was a latecomer to the web sensation site - Design*Sponge. However, to my credit, I loved it at first glance. Grace Bonney's book was a birthday gift from my sister and I have looked through it again and again these past months.

I'm interested in design and interior decoration and sometimes go through these magazine buying spurts, which, for the most part have left me unsatisfied. Almost everything feels incredibly formal even when it patently tries to be "modern", "rustic" or some other genre.

In Design*Sponge the book, the apartments you see are mostly "believable" - I can believe real people inhabit these spaces. There are salvaged pieces of furniture, thrift store objects, IKEA pieces and a lot of DYI.

About half the book is devoted to "Sneak Peaks": 2-4 pages photo spreads of homes and the other half is devoted to DIY projects, basics and floral arrangements. I love Amy Merrick's floral work (Design*Sponge editor) and her blog.

This is a great book to turn to for inspiration. And because it is so visually rich, I always notice something new each time I look at it: a new colour, pattern or an original way to display or organize.

I think anyone interested in design would love this book.

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