Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bizarre Books - Russell Ash and Brian Lake

Not a spoof - all the books listed do actually exist, which of course, makes it all the more hilarious.

My favorites:

Around the world

Sodomy and the Pirate tradition: English sea rovers in the seventeenth century Caribbean, 1985

Selected themes and icons from Spanish literature: of beards, shoes, cucumbers and leprosy, 1982

The foul and the fragrant: odor and the French social imagination, 1986

How To / Teach Yourself

How to save a big ship from sinking, even though torpedoed, 1915

What to say when you talk to yourself, 1982

How to write while you sleep, 1985

Grow your own hair, 1947

How to draw a straight line, 1877
How to test your urine at home, 1935

Fresh air and how to use it, 1912

Teach yourself alcoholism, 1975

Come again?

Who’s who in cocker spaniels, 1944

Umbrellas and parts of umbrellas (except handles), 1964

Nasology – or hints towards a classification of noses, 1848

The toothbrush: its use and abuse, 1939

Manhole covers of Los Angeles, 1974

The Madam as entrepreneur: career management in house prostitution, 1979

Illinois roadkill cookbook, 1991

Ice-cream for small plants, 1937

1587. A year of no importance


Fish who answer the telephone, 1937

Phone calls from the dead, 1979

Anthropometric measurements of Brazilian feet, 1993

Pre-historic sandals from northeastern Arizona, 1998

…and my nº1 favorite:

Nuclear War: What’s in it for you? 1982

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