Thursday, October 30, 2008

Josephine Tey

She read her first book on psychology out of curiosity, because it seemed to her an interesting sort of thing; and she read all the rest to see if they were just as silly. By the time she had read thirty-seven books on the subject, she had evolved ideas of her own on psychology; at variance, of course, with all thirty-seven volumes read to date. In fact, the thirty-seven volumes seemed to her so idiotic and made her so angry that she sat down there and then and wrote reams of refutal.

Josephine Tey "Miss Pym Disposes"

"The Man in the Queue"
"A Shilling for Candles"
"The Franchise Affair"
"Brat Farrar"
"To Love and be Wise"
"The Daughter of Time"
"The Singing Sands"

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jenclair said...

I read The Daughter of Time over 20 years ago and still think about it sometimes. It led me to other books about Richard. I love history-- and historical fiction because it leads me to history. It is a book I'd like to re-read and also follow up on some of Tey's other books.